• All About Dogs

  • All dogs can benefit from some kind of training. There is a wealth of excellent resources on the internet to help you train your pet. Some of the sites we like are:

    The Dog Whisperer - all inclusive dog care website.

    RSCPA Austraila - The dogs down under get good training too!

    A good Positive Reinforcement article

    Service Dogs - Some short, interesting videos about the unique world of service dogs. A highlight is a dog who manages to pick up dollars, and then dimes for its trainer.

    PetMD - Check out the Dog Care Centre at PetMD. Learn more about dog care, health, emergencies and more at PetMD.

  • More Information About Dogs

    Commands: Come

    This is one of the simplest commands to teach your dog. It is a command you can start teaching at the earliest age in your dogs life. It is also one [...]

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    Commands: Come (Advanced - Outdoors)

    Teaching “Come” to the older dog who hasn’t had preliminary training indoors or advancing the younger dog outdoors is best accomplished with two[...]

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    Commands: Down

    Once your dog knows the command SIT you can progress to the command DOWN. Teaching DOWN is much easier from the sit than from standing, though you [...]

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    Commands: Heel

    When you first begin to teach Heel! you don't need a lot of room. 25 ft (8 metres) is more than sufficient. Start with your dog in a sit position, [...]

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    Commands: Heeling Left or Right?

    Which side should a dog heel on? Left or right? Traditionally heel is done on the left side. Why I’m not sure. Whether this is a hunter [...]

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    Commands: Sit

    Teaching the sit command is best done before any other command. It is easier to teach by itself and not in conjunction with any other activity. [...]

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    General Comments on Training

    Training your dog isn’t difficult. It should be FUN. Both for the dog and for you. The more fun you can make it the more your dog enjoys it, the [...]

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    Keep Your Pets Safe At Halloween

    Halloween can be a scary time!!!! It can be scary for kids but it can be scary for your pets as well. Here are some helpful tips for keeping your pets[...]

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    Keeping Your Home & Yard Safe For Dogs or Cats

    A good article about pet-proofing your home... Go to Website Copied from this website... Home is a place where every life should be safe and [...]

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    Obedience Training

    How difficult is it to train a dog? Anyone can train any dog in two ten minute sessions a day in eight weeks (three is even better.) I have never seen[...]

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    Pet proofing guide

    The biggest dangers in every room of the house Well-intentioned pet owners may not know about certain dangers in their home that are putting their[...]

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    Picking the Dog That's Right For You

    So you want a dog? Before you rush off to the local breeder who has puppies available, the local shelter, or your neighbour whose dog just had it’s [...]

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    Puppy Mills

    We have all heard the term but just what is a puppy mill? First and foremost it is a commercial enterprise producing large quantities of [...]

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    The Ultimate Guide to Pet Adoption: Sneak Preview

    We were asked to share a link to this series of 13 blog posts... This is copied from this website... Thinking about adopting a furry companion? [...]

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    Training Tools

    You are going to need some specific tools for training. Use the minimum tools to get the response you need. In a perfect world no collars, leads, [...]

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    Use of the Prong Collar

    Does your dog do any of the following: Drags you around, walks on its hind legs choking on a strap or slip collar while it goes, continually lunges, [...]

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    Use of the Slip Collar

    The slip collar, commonly miscalled a choke collar, is available in various styles, most people will associate the chain slip collar as the primary [...]

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